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Bwv 997 Analysis Essay

Re: bwv 997 level?

Postby Julius Janusz » Thursday 19 May 2016, 15:45 pm

Andre wrote:Hi Julius,
I'm also a big fan of BWV 997, and have both the Prelude and Gigue fairly well under the fingers, having worked on both for quite a while now. Agree that the Prelude is a real gem, even at a super slow tempo, which is advantageous for me.
I've read through the other movements, including the Fuga, and I have to tell you, they look to be even more challenging technically than the Prelude and Gigue. I was thinking, since I like the suite so much, I might give the Double a try, maybe incorporating it as a form of scale study in my practice, at least initially. See how it goes.
Of course, everything is relative. What is a challenge for me may be a walk in the park for you! If so, good luck with it. It's just incredible music to work on, at all levels.
Hi Andre,

I agree with you completely about how good the suite is and that even playing the prelude slow is beautiful. Its interesting how different people I've seen play it do so in slightly different ways, for example, moving the bass notes down or up an octave in certain places for desired effect. I guess its how you want to interpret it! Also with the speed, with myself liking it at a moderate tempo which plenty of expression. I have heard how challenging the Fuga is but just wanted to know level wise how much more challenging. And I guess its worth knowing what levels the rest are! The prelude is incidentally the first song on classical guitar I learnt! You were saying you might give the Double a try? Well wouldn`t it be mesmerizing for you to learn the whole thing and play it for people?

Thanks for your good luck and I hope you have a great day
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