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Spanish Essay Introduction Phrases

Useful expressions in Spanish

It is considered good style in Spanish not to repeat words and expressions when an alternative can be used. The following list of linking expressions contains some synonyms for this purpose as well as expressions which are useful generally in one's writing.

  • es decir = that is to say
  • a saber = that is to say
  • en otras palabras = in other words
  • dicho de otra manera = in other words
  • primero = first, firstly, in the first place
  • primeramente = first, firstly, in the first place
  • en primer lugar = first, firstly, in the first place
  • en segundo lugar = second, secondly, in the second place
  • por último = finally
  • finalmente = finally
  • en comparación con = by comparison with
  • comparado –da con = compared with
  • hoy en día = nowadays
  • actualmente = at present, currently
  • en la actualidad = at present, currently
  • respecto a = regarding, with regard to
  • en cuanto a = regarding, with regard to
  • por otra parte = on the other hand
  • porque = because
  • a causa de = because of
  • en resumidas cuentas = briefly
  • en efecto = in fact
  • efectivamente = in fact
  • por lo menos = at least
  • la gran mayoría de = the great majority of
  • no obstante = nevertheless
  • sin embargo = nevertheless
  • a pesar de = in spite of
  • ahora bien = however, now
  • recalcar = to emphasize
  • enfatizar = to emphasize
  • hacer hincapié en = to emphasize
  • subrayar = to underline
  • señalar = to point out
  • dar algo por sentado = to assume something, take something for granted
  • asumir = to assume

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Hi all, thought it would be useful to create a Subjunctive & Golden phrases thread, since these are the expressions which really gain the best marks. If we put on here formulated subjunctive phrases and your golden phrases so then all the people (including myself) can quickly jot them down in the 10 mins stimulus part of the exam to help and then to use them. So add all your "golden" phrases and lets help each other out!

Subjunctive phrases (already formulated)

Que yo recuerde - As far as i remember
Que yo sepa - As far as i know
Cueste lo que cueste - Whatever the cost
Hagan lo que hagan - Whatever they do
Hagamos lo que hagamos - Whatever we do
Pase lo que pase - Whatever happens
Sea lo que sea - Be that as it may
Venga lo que venga
Quienquiera - Whoever
Dondequiera - Wherever
Comoquiera - However
Por ricos/pobres que sean - However rich/poor they may be

Golden phrases

* Si tuviera mucha influencia yo prohibiría la caza - If i had alot/much influence i would ban hunting. (Imp Sbj & Conditional)

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