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Rgs Essay Examples

Entry at 11+ 2018

For entry in September 2018

Boys and girls who will be 11 years old on 1 September of the year of proposed entry sit an Entrance Examination early in January of the same year. There will be three papers, one each in Mathematics, English and Reasoning; for sample papers please view via the links at the bottom of this page.


Monday 20 November 2017 – Closing date for applications for entry in 2018
If you have missed this date and still wish to apply, please contact the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Philippa Watkins on 01737 222231 or email: admissions@reigategrammar.org

Friday 5 January 2018 – Entrance Examination for entry in 2018
During the day, prospective pupils also have the opportunity to sample one of the many activities that are on offer. All candidates will automatically be considered for academic scholarships.

Saturday 20 and 27 January 2018 – Interviews
Candidates are interviewed by a member of staff, and will be asked to talk about their hobbies and interests. Candidates will also have a group interview with the Headmaster.

Offers of places
Offers of places for 11+ entry will be sent to parents during February 2018, in line with other local independent schools. Parents will be asked to reply by Monday 5 March 2018.

For more information or if you have any queries please contact the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Philippa Watkins on 01737 222231 or email: admissions@reigategrammar.org

In advance of any entrance examination or interview, we will always ask each candidate’s current school for a written report. It is therefore important that parents inform their child’s current school that they have lodged an application with us.


The Biology Department aims to give the boys at RGS the best and most inspiring introduction to the fascinating world of Biology, while at the same time equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel in their public examinations.

Practical and investigative work is at the heart of all teaching and, through this, boys gain a sound understanding of how experimental science is carried out. These aims are achieved through the hard work of a highly-qualified, knowledgeable and committed team of teachers who consistently teach beyond the scope of the curriculum to ensure the high-achieving boys reach their full potential.

Biology is studied as part of Integrated Science in the First Form, as a separate subject in the Second Form, as a compulsory IGCSE subject from the Third to Fifth Form, and as an optional A level at Sixth Form. Topics covered at IGCSE include human anatomy and physiology, genetics, nervous and hormonal control, evolution, photosynthesis, digestion, reproduction, ecology, classification, biochemistry and homeostasis. IGCSE students also have the opportunity to undertake an independent research project in the Fourth Form. The academically challenging, rigorous A Level Biology course followed provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive exploration of the main fields in Biology, preparing students for many different fields of study, both within and beyond science. Topics include biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, genetics, biotechnology, ecology, evolution and plant science. Students have the opportunity to engineer their own glow-in-the-dark bacteria and perform DNA fingerprinting.

The Biology Department holds several events during the course of the school year, such as visits to conferences, lectures from experts in a range of fields and fieldwork in Pembrokeshire for A Level Biologists. There is also an active and lively Medical Society, and extra support is offered for candidates applying to Oxbridge or for courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, and of course, Biology. Biology in the Sixth Form is enriched by the opportunities for independent learning afforded by the School’s Independent Learning Assignment.

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