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Miss Representation Assignment

Essential Questions for Miss Representation:

1.     What are the different types of media?
2.     What is the role of the federal government, if any, in regulating the media and the Internet?
3.     To what extent does the media communicate and teach individuals ideas?
4.     To what extent can gender stereotypes be harmful for children?
5.     What impact does the media have on a female’s ability to see herself as a leader and obtain a leadership position?
6.     How do behind-the-scenes decisions affect the way gender is represented in media and impact our culture?
7.     To what extent should we protect the most vulnerable members of our society from the negative sides of advertising?
8.     How can individuals influence positive change in the media?

Thursday and Friday, January 10-11

Use cinematic features to make supported inferences and draw conclusions.

Judge the effectiveness of the focus, argument, structure and style of a film

Identify, explain, and support with specific examples from a film.

  Read and summarize the biographies of at least two famous women on the website of the National Women’s History Museum OR Read through and summarize at least two of the on-line women’s history exhibits.    

Opening Scene:  What is the effect of the montage that juxtaposes photographs of famous women & objectified women & credits?  Is this an effective opening? 

Susan B. Anthony – Paris Hilton – credits—Eleanor Roosevelt—bimbo shot—Rosa Parks—reality TV show fighters—Shirley Chisholm—Gloria Steinem—Sandra Day O’Connor—Nancy Pelosi—Hillary Clinton--

Respond to this famous quote:  “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” –Alice Walker

How do these statistics of teenage media consumption compare to you individually?

  • 31 hours per week TV
  • 17 hours per week music
  • 3 hours movie
  • 4 hours magazines
  • 10 hours online
  • 10 hours and 45 minutes media consumption per day

With digitally altered photographs and images, men and women are measuring themselves against an impossible standard.  What do we do with that?

While women make up 51% of population, they only make up less than 20% in Congress.

What is Title IX? 

Respond to this quote:  “You can’t be what you can’t see.”  —Marian Wright Edelman

Why are the majority of female characters on TV in their 20s and 30s?

How has the rise of punditry and focus only on the bottom line, confused fact and opinion?

Film Techniques Demo
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Monday and Tuesday, January 14-15

Create, edit, publish, upload, and e-mail me the link to a Demonstration Film with all of the techniques highlighted in the "Demo Film" assignment.

This is due on Thursday at the beginning of the hour.

Wednesday and Thursday, January 16-17

Watch and discuss Miss Representation.

#5 MISS REPRESENTATION:  Write a well-reasoned and detailed response to each one of the essential questions for this movie.

Friday, January 18

The Final Exam Documentary Movie Project and Timeline . . .

LESSON PLAN: “Miss Representation” in the Media

(Gender Representation in the Media) (40 min)

November 4, 2012

Based on the “Miss Representation”

 trailer, students will examine the power of the media in shaping ideas & identities, and how media

„misrepresentations‟ may be harmful for both

women/girls & men/boys.

Overview of Lesson Unit „Gender Representation in the Media‟

Note: This is a four- 

 part lesson unit on „Gender Representation in the Media‟,

which features both global & Singapore-based case studies for discussion. Relevant to female & male students, aged 15+. These lessons can be taught in any order. By AWARE Singapore & Etiquette .

“Miss Representation” in

the Media (Gender Representation in the Media) (40 min)

Representations of Gender in Advertising (70 min)

Gender Representation in TV and Film (50 min)

Beauty & Body Image (50 min)

Objectives :: “Miss Representation” in the Media (Gender Representation in the

Media) (40 min)

Students to be introduced to the power of the media in shaping ideas, identities and perceptions

Students to be aware of how media portrayal of women/men, femininity/masculinity may be one-dimensional

Students to be aware of how media „misrepresentations‟ may be harmful for

both women/girls and men/boys Materials Needed

Internet access for the

“Miss Representation” Extended Trailer 

[08:52, via  Youtube]

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