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Euthanasia Pros And Cons Essay

Essay on The Pros and Cons of Euthanasia

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Euthanasia, good or bad? In this following article I will be exploring euthanasia in more detail, the different Christian points of view, the strengths and weaknesses of the euthanasia argument and finally my point of view on euthanasia and why I believe this.

First of all, what is euthanasia? It is something that not many people think about until they or a friend or family member is put in a position where they might actually have to consider it. Euthanasia, in the dictionary, simply is: the action of ending someone’s life in a painless way. It seems pretty simple but in reality it is a lot more complicated, not only for the people involved but for the society in general as well.

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One of the most important pieces of scripture a Christian follows is the 10 commandments and one, and in my opinion the most important, commandment is “Do not commit murder.” (Exodus 20:13)
This raises the question, is euthanasia murder? and in many Christian’s view is that if a life is taken away earlier than God planed then it is murder and therefore many Christian’s point of view on euthanasia is that it is wrong.
Another quotation that supports what I believe is the general view of many Christians around the world is the idea that God has already planned out our life and knows when the right time to die is. This is shown in the bible saying “He set the time for birth, and the time for death.” (Ecclesiastes 3:2) and again here: “your days allotted to me, had all been recorded in your book, before any of them began.” (Psalm 139:16)

Both these quotations show, according to the bible, that God has already planned out our life-from the time that we are born to the time of our death.
The last Christian point of view is also shown through the bible saying “You created every part of me, you put me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalms 139:13)
This quotation is saying that God created everything about us and not only is linked with the point of view above saying that God has already planned out our lives but is also linked with the idea that God created us and chose when we were born so he should

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Essay Pro Euthanasia

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When someone is inevitably dying and in inexplicable pain is it really a crime to grant their wishes and end their suffering? As of right now euthanasia is illegal in many countries and is a very controversial topic. Is it compassion for the patient helping them in ending their life or murder? The doctor is not giving death as an option, it is the patients choice and even where it is legal there are many rules. Euthanasia should not be considered a crime because the patient is not being murdered; they are having their suffering end in a painless, humane way out of compassion for the patient and their family.

Euthanasia is defined by the World Book Millennium 2000 encyclopaedia as, “the practise of painlessly ending the lives of people…show more content…

The reason to legalize euthanasia is clear, these people need to have the choice to die with dignity.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian more commonly known as Dr. Death is greatly known for his opinion that euthanasia should be legalized and his work with patients seeking help. He was very important in showing euthanasia and voicing his opinion on the subject so the public could not ignore the importance of the matter. Dr. Kevorkian was said to have been involved with 130 suicides by patients who wanted to end their own lives (Nicol and Wylie 17). He had two machines he used to help the patients, one an injection and the other a mask, however both machines were operated by the patient and although Dr. Kevorkian was taken to court many times for these he was not convicted because the patient was in control. He was very careful as to not actually commit the act himself until he was contacted by Thomas Youk, a young with Lou Gheric’s disease; Lou Gheric’s disease is when the muscle stop working and eventually the patient chokes to death. Tom’s condition prevented him from actually operating the machines and therefore Dr. Kevorkian decided that he would operate the machine himself because he cared greatly about all his patients and could not let Tom live in his constant fear (Nicol and Wylie 11). Dr. Kevorkian taped Tom’s wishes and then himself hooking up the machine and pushing the button to inject the drugs. He then proceed to

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