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Unique History Research Paper Topics

A list of unusual historical topics for a research paper

Do not let your research paper be dull, instead be unusual with one of these topics:

  • Henry VIII and Philip II: Multiple Wives
  • A Change in Tune
  • The Trenches of World War I
  • South African Diamonds
  • The Death of Socrates

Henry VIII and Philip II: Multiple Wives

Both King Henry VIII of England and King Philip II of Spain had multiple wives. Why was this so? Did the two kings differ in their reasons for needing to remarry so many times? Research the times of England and Spain during the reign of these two kings and compare their many marriages and the cause leading to each one. Was one king more justified than the other in marrying so many times?

A Change in Tune

Music has changed drastically over the centuries. Why? What is the history behind these changes in tune? Research the history of music and what lead the changes in tune. Discuss how each one became popular and why some, like classical, are still being listened to today. Will the famous music of now be forgotten in years to come?

The Trenches of World War I

Research the view point of World War I from the trenches where the soldiers fought. Examine the structure of the trenches and the living conditions of the soldiers. Discuss the times when soldiers from both sides agreed to a ceasefire, especially during the time of Christmas. Why were these ceasefires made? Did the soldiers fighting the war have a different outlook than the citizens at home? What is the public opinion of today regarding the trenches the soldiers had to live in?

South African Diamonds

South Africa is the top area of production for diamonds. Was South Africa always the leader in the diamond world? What is the history of the South African diamonds? Research and discuss the history of how the diamond industry built up in South Africa. Has this industry done anything for the South African nations?

The Death of Socrates

Socrates was a famous philosopher and yet he was executed. Why? What turned his people against him? Discuss Socrates’ approach to death and his last discourse with his family and friends. Did Socrates resent those who had sentenced him to death? If not, then why? Speculate if Socrates was in the right with his teachings. Did he deserve such an end?

Top 14 US History Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Writing is an undoubtedly difficult venture to embark on but at the same time an interesting one too if it is your hobby and you are little innovative. However when you are supposed to drudge a lame History paper, topics become a decisive point in making your History research paper interesting.

Have a look at the following topics that can act as a stepping-stone for your bright future

  1. The previous scenario of Early America: Why leagues of Iroquois were formed and what were their accomplishments? Discuss the impacts of Europeans over Native Americans? Throw a light on religious toleration that was a major reason of conflict in early America?
  2. Throw a light on American Revolution? What was the reason of colonists breaking away from English rule? How revolutionary war transformed the colonist’s life into a battlefield?
  3. The United States government: How the formation of the constitution empowered the Federal government and decreased the rights of State legislatures. What was the biggest compromise and how it persuaded all the thirteen states.
  4. How Civil war and reconstruction affected the scenario of U.S.: Discuss how Harriet Tubman affected Underground Railroad. How slavery contributed to Civil war? What was the affect of slave laws on these states?
  5. Discuss expansionism: How Andrew Jackson emerged in power during 19th century? How women impacted the Wild West region? Why small states wanted federal government to take control of western lands?
  6. Progressive reforms benefits: How social, economic and political awakening is highly related with Muckrekers awakening?
  7. Negative impacts of World War I: How WWI negatively impacted civil liberties? How this war hindered the reformed movement of progressive era?
  8. Why 20’s is called as roaring era? How Harlem Renaissance affected the cultural development of 1920’s? What was the role of African Americans during the renaissance period?
  9. The Why and How of Great Depression: How Great Depression affected the American Society? Why it took place? How much effective was the FDR’s New Deal?
  10. The effects of World War II on women and minorities: What was the contribution of women and minorities in WWII? How US participation affected them at home?
  11. The origin and development of Cold War: Discuss the Space race and the technological development in US? How McCarthyism, communism in China and Sputnik affected U.S foreign policies, military, schools and industry?
  12. Discuss Civil Rights Movement. How Montgomery bus boycott affected Civil Rights Movement?
  13. Women’s movement in US: Discuss the effectiveness of Women’s movement during 60s in terms of economic, political and social issues?
  14. 1968 in American politics: How 1968 served as a pivotal role in American politics?

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