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Boy Scout Eagle Essay


Eagle Life Purpose Statement

 John HoffmanI began my scouting experience in the Cub scouts, joining Pack 156 infourth grade. While being active in cub scouts (attending most of themeetings and participating in outings), I played for the Junior Titanfootball team. My team went undefeated and won the championshipfor the league. As a cub scout, I earned the Arrow of Light award.I crossed into Troop 156 in fifth grade with my best friends. My firstcampout was to the Warren Dunes, and since then, few campouts havestood out to me as much as that one. The experience confirmed mylove for scouting, and I worked assiduously at campouts and atmeetings to advance through the scouting ranks. I became a Den Chief for my old pack, Pack 156, and earned the Den Chief Service Award formy participation. I loved the job and the lessons that I was able toteach the younger cub scouts.As a scout in Troop 156, I went to Makajawan three times, twice for aone week session and once for a two week session. There, also, Iworked hard to advance through the scout ranks and earn meritbadges, earning the trailblazer award for my productivity. During mylast camp session, I successfully completed the Triathalon.I have held numerous leadership positions in other institutions while ascout. At church, I became more and more involved in my youth groupuntil, now, I am on the youth leadership team which is in charge of planning and suggesting events, setting examples for other kids in theyouth group, and being available to counsel and lead other youth. AtAttea Middle School, I received the Citizen of the Year award in seventhgrade, Scholar of the Year Award in eighth grade, and was student of the month twice. I used the ideals of scouting, and the scouting spiritto develop my leadership skills.Scouting has contributed to my spiritual growth, because the ideals of scouting and the ideals of my Christian faith are very similar. I find thatbeing a Christian is natural for me because of my belief in the scoutingideals.Scouting has influenced my personal life in the same way. Whetherholding the door open for people, helping someone carry something, orhelping kids with their homework, the scout law has always resonatedwith my persona and aided the development of virtues. I find thatscouting and the leadership which it develops has made me a moresecure and confident person.

Let's look at this single requirement in the two parts it really is. First, your statement. This is very straight forward, and an excellent opportunity for you to tell members of your board of review what you do outside Scouting. The statement will reveal who you have become in several ways. Scouts who have been successful in Scouting will find it has spread to other areas of their life. This is especially true of Eagle candidates, since you have actually developed character which demonstrates the Scout Oath and Law in everything you do.

Don't be shy about bragging! List it all! Most Scouts don't consider this well enough to remember all the things they do. And it is key to something that will help you all your life - that being establishing a good self-esteem, which, by the way, is to do good things and remember what you did!

List all the various awards and honors you've achieved along the way. These may be a medal, plaque, or certificate, but could also be a different type of honor. For example, a letter from a principal or volunteer organization recognizing your contributions. Or maybe a letter from an elected official thanking you for being their assistant (like a Page) for a season. Maybe it's a newspaper article mentioning you. If it made you feel honored, it counts!

Next is the Scoutmaster conference. You've been through this drill before, but here, of course, it is more significant. You are applying for the highest honor available from the Boy Scouts of America. Walk the walk, talk the talk. You should be prepared beyond your unit leader's expectations.

Make sure you have completed all the requirements and have everything ready for him or her to review. You might want to talk to him/her ahead of time to see what is expected in the way of documentation when you have the conference (such as, are you expected to have everything completely written and ready to turn in). Remember, this conference must occur prior to your 18th birthday.

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