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Employment Law Essay Topics

Preemption means that someone has published on a topic with an analysis similar to yours, recently, before you, thereby precluding your article on the same topic.  To check if your article has been preempted, you should look at the following:

  • Check Lexis and Westlaw Journal databases with broad searches on your topic
  • Check HeinOnline using the same keywords
  • Check the Current Index of Legal Periodicals  to see if something's been published very recently or has a keyword you hadn't thought of
  • Check the historical version of Current Index of Legal Periodicals in case articles on your topic were published before 1980
  • Check the Social Science Research Network to see if anyone has put up a working paper on the topic, thereby reserving it
  • Check Legal Scholarship Network for abstracts of working-papers and articles that have been accepted for publication
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  • Check WorldCat in case your topic was published in a book or book chapter

Essay on Employment and Labor Laws

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Employment or labor laws have been developed to facilitate smooth relationship between employers and employees. Employment laws provide rules and regulations that should govern both the employer and the employees in their places of work. Employment laws discuss issues related to child labor, wages and salaries, retirement, working conditions, compensations, incentives and employment benefits among others. The major objective is to ensure the employer does not exploit the employee and on the other hand, the employee honors the terms and conditions of the job as presented by the employer.
The case of Mckee verses Reids Heritage Homes is a good illustration on the issues related to employment law. McKee was a 64 year old sales manager in…show more content…

The main issue was whether McKee was an employee thus entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal or an independent contractor. The court held that McKee was an employee of Reirds Heritage Homes and not an independent contractor. The judge was concerned with the degree of the relationship between an employer and an employee. The main area of duties for Reids Heritage Homes was to sell houses and McKee totally engaged herself in this. Therefore, the Court concluded that McKee was an employee of Reirds Heritage Homes and was entitled to notice of employment termination and damages thereof. In relation to labor laws, the case explains the required conduct between the employer and the employee during work termination. The employer is required by law to provide the employee with a letter or notice of termination before the actual date. Keating (p. 258) states that the labor laws require the employer to pay the employee the employment benefits based on the number of years of service and the kind of work. In many cases benefits are awarded to employees under both casual and permanent basis. The employer should ensure that the employers are awarded their rightful amounts since it is much left at the discretion of the employer. Therefore, McKee was entitled to a notice of termination and service or employment benefits.
The labor laws require that the employer provides incentives,

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