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Essay Consequences Of Behavior

The Effect of Music on Behavior Essay

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The Effect of Music on Behavior

Music has a huge impact on the everyday lives of individuals in America today. It is an important part of the sociological self, which causes a person to feel and act in a certain manner. Sensual guitar playing, a suggestive song, hard rock power chords, or a tune from the past are all highly powerful forces in shaping one's actions. I have taken a particular interest in the way that different genres of music affect student's actions at this university. This paper will take into account the effects that particular genres of music have on people. Because we are in a college town such as Austin it is easy to observe the effects that music has on people. Whether it be at parties, clubs, concerts, or…show more content…

There is no doubt that these actions are the direct effect of this particular music. This type of music can lead to a state of mind where these activities are a main focus in a person's way of life. According to Freud, the id is the part of the person which desires certain things, but is controlled by the ego and superego (Freud, 65-68). When a person enters a stage such as this in their life they are completely controlled by the id. The music is an ally to the id, helping it achieve its desires. To illustrate this point further, a closer look at the actions is necessary. A concert's purpose is to allow fans to listen to a band perform live. If the rational part of one's self, the superego, were in control, it is highly unlikely that someone would begin shoving random people to the beat of a song. Though this behavior would not normally be tolerated, it is viewed as acceptable because the participants are at a certain music concert. These actions "toe the line" between expression and violence. For the most part, this aggressive behavior is instigated and carried out by males. By nature the males of the human species are more prone to violence and exhibitions of strength than females. Music is a powerful means by which these people deem it permissible to act in such a manner. There may be other factors involved with this behavior such as male angst and stress, but the driving force is undoubtedly the music. When a typical

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Risky health behaviors including substance abuse and risky sex are a significant contributor to chronic illness in the US. Efficient use of public resources to avert or mitigate the consequences of risky health behaviors requires a better understanding of the overall costs of risky health behavior to society. Additionally, a better understanding of the value and behavioral consequences of programs designed to mitigate the consequences of risky health behavior is needed. This dissertation utilizes a number of unique methodological and empirical tools to examine the consequences of risky sex and drug abuse and the value of policies which seek to avert or mitigate the impact of the consequences. The first study uses a spatial difference-in-difference identification strategy to estimate the impact of clandestine drug lab discovery and decontamination on proximal home values. Results suggest that the discovery of a lab causes nearby home prices to drop significantly, while the decontamination of a lab causes nearby home prices to increase significantly, partially offsetting the impact of discovery. The second and third studies investigate the impacts of behavioral interventions designed to reduce risky sexual behavior, including market and nonmarket costs. Overall the results show that risky-sex behavioral interventions can generate substantial cost-savings. Furthermore, the results show that interventions may affect the willingness to pay to avoid the consequences of risky sexual behavior.

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Risky Health Behavior, Contingent valuation, Hedonic, Economics

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