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Essay About People Skills

Interpersonal Leadership Skills Essay

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Section 1: Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
Studies show that many leaders’ failures are attributable to interpersonal skills such as building relationships, leading teams, developing a positive work environment, effective communication and inspiring trust (Eblin, 2011). These skills become even more important when the basic element of the business is the person. It is evident that leaders must master these skill sets to be successful as a leader in their industry.
RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Interpersonal Competencies Must Haves
As a part of the four key factors in emotional intelligence, relationship management involves the “soft” or personal side of management that has a direct impact on the aspects of the business (Durbin, 2010).…show more content…

Successful influencers have three characteristics (Hayes, 1991).
 They have a clear vision of what they want to get accomplished. A sequence of events as all items may not be able to be accomplished. They understand the limitations of available resources and plan accordingly (Hayes, 1991).

 They pay attention to what needs to be done to bring about their proposal (Hayes, 1991). This leader is multi focused on both their strong areas and the area that they may not as equally competent.

 They have the ability to get tasks done (Hayes, 1991). Successful leaders know what they want and have the ability to get the job done.
Leaders that are non-assertive find it difficult to succeed in management because they are unable to express their needs and influence others. Assertive leaders articulate their needs and are able to influence team members to improve organizational success (Hayes, 1991).
Conflict Resolution Skills
Even the best leaders encounter different opinions on matters. These differences in opinions may lead to conflict within an organization. There are four basic types of conflicts in organizations and one that specifically pertains to interpersonal leadership.
 Interpersonal Conflict – This is a conflict between individual members of an organization, occurring because of differences in goals or values (Durbin, 2010). Two leaders may have this type of conflict when determining the

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People Skills
There are numerous skills to choose but the one I think everyone should have, learn, and master is people skills, which is a “communication” skill. It plays an important role in our everyday lives. Everything we do revolve around this skill.
Employees, and employers who have this exceptional skill, live happier more enjoyable lives. They would project a great deal of confidence within their self and their abilities to communicate, and it would give them a great sense of high self esteem. It would only benefit to gain success in their work, understanding people better, and even finding starting conversations more easily with other people.  
Building rapport with different people prompts us to communicate and connect with them on a higher level and to actively listen. Employees and Employers would gain a great deal of confidence to become great speakers, that’s priceless. Remembering to use positive body language, pleasant tones when speaking and smiling would give effective power to gain respect and give a high boost of confidence which will shine.
The consequences of not having this skill can make you feel excluded from everything happening around you. For example not having any kind of connection with other people can lead to a feeling of loneliness and unhappiness.   You would have no self confidence or self esteem.
I experienced these feelings in the past and later learned my happiness tied in closely with most of my relationship with family, friends, and even co-workers. I realized I had to learn and master this skill and regain my confidence and reconnect with everyone all over again. The difference it made was astounding to me how I was able to succeed in all aspects of my life, work, and relationships and in this process gained back respect and my confidence I had lost.
Who knew what a difference having this skills could make in your everyday life. Having worked in retail sales for years the people skill of “communication” is an...

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