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Kpop Homework Playlist

Studying might be one of everyone’s least favorite activities, but we’ve all got to do it at some point in our lives…or at least, we have to try!

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At least we can make study time a little more bearable by popping in a pair of earbuds and putting on a playlist of our favorite K-pop songs, right? If you’re looking for some new additions to your studying playlist, here are 10 relaxing songs that can help you focus!

1. Verbal Jint ft. Kang Min Hee – “Good Start”

Get your study sesh off to a “Good Start” (haha, I know) with this song by Verbal Jint and Kang Min Hee. The steady rap beat, combined with Kang Min Hee’s lovely vocals, makes it a great track for studying!

2. IU – “Sleepless Rainy Night”

Although this song is about being unable to sleep due to memories of an ex-lover, IU’s sweet voice in this chill song is great for those long sleepless nights of homework and studying, too!

3. Eddy Kim – “Now”

You can always count on Eddy Kim for warm, mellow tracks with relaxing guitar melodies and buttery-smooth vocals. His recently-released song “Now” is no exception!

4. Primary ft. Sam Kim and eSNa – “~42”

If you’re looking for a song that has a catchy beat with a smooth and chill vibe, bop along with this recent song by Primary, featuring Sam Kim and eSNa!

5. Jang Soo Bin – “Torn”

This just-released song from Jang Soo Bin is perfect if you prefer music that’s a bit slower for your studying playlist. Plus, her rich voice is something you’ll want to treat your ears to over and over again!

6. Bolbbalgan4, 20 Years of Age – “We Loved”

If you’re looking for a song with amazing harmonies to accompany your studying, check out this song featuring the perfectly-matched voices of Bolbbalgan4 and 20 Years of Age!

7. Heize ft. Shin Yong Jae – “You, Clouds, Rain”

Another rainy-day-vibe song to mellow out your playlist, this song’s lilting rhythm and lyrics, along with the lovely blend of Heize and Shin Yong Jae’s voices, make it a great choice for hitting the books!

8. Akdong Musician – “Haughty Girl”

To end on a more upbeat note, check out this cute and catchy song (as all of Akdong Musician’s songs are!) that will have you tapping your toe as you plug away at your pile of homework.

Soompiers, which K-pop songs are on your studying playlists? Let us know in the comments below!

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Okay, so K-pop might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about mellow studying music. K-pop's perkiness and sass usually makes you want to get up and dance more than it makes you want to hit the books. But there are a few tunes and instrumental remixes so melodious and smooth that it's possible to enjoy your favorite genre and absorb everything you need to know.

Here are some of the best songs for creating a focused working environment:

Tablo, 'Fever's End,' Part 1 and 2

If you're looking for an entire album or two to put on while you're studying, this is a great bet. The bombo of relaxing background piano, lyrical meodies, and intermittent mellow rapping makes this the perfect study mix to keep you on your toes without making you want to get up and party.

T-ARA, 'Because I Know'

This one's a ballad powerful enough to prove inspiring but not so fierce that you get up atop the library tables, fist raised, singing every word.

G-Dragon, 'Black' Instrumental

K-Pop instrumentals are the best way to listen to K-pop while studying. You get all the tunes of your favorite artists without the distracting lyrics. This one in particular is super warm.

Henry, '1-4-3 (I Love You)' ft. Amber

This one is a little on the nose and a little peppy, but it truy gets to the root of studying.

Lim Kim, 'Drunken Shrimp'

This song wouldn't feel out of place at a Brazilian beach bar at 2 pm. It's sweet, smile-inducing, and the perfect tune to remind you that even while studying, life isn't so bad.

KAHI, 'It's Me'

Just enough underlying bass and minor key sound to keep eyes open and power through a marathon study session.

Lessang, 'Girl Who Can't Break Up'

It's mellow, steady, and a good reminder that if your only problem is passing a test, you're probably in a pretty good place.

Song Ji-Eun, 'Going Crazy'

This one starts as a classic ballad, then its welcome rap interludes serve as an energizing yet chill backdrop.

Ailee, 'Higher'

This is about as inspiration as any K-pop ballad can get without explicitly talking about a lost love. Use it to dig deeper and go higher with that homework.

Lim Kim, 'Urban Green'

Here's a super soothing breathy guitar ballad, what's not to love?

Error, 'Vixx' Instrumental

The whole song feels as if it's building toward something, keeping a stirring background music throughout and making you believe you can reach the studying finish line.

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