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Ncea Level 3 English Essays

Student response

No student work available at this grade

For Merit, the student needs to create a fluent and coherent visual text which develops, sustains and structures ideas, using verbal and visual language, and is convincing.

This involves demonstrating a discerning understanding of audience and purpose through the discriminating selection and integration of ideas, visual language features, and structure.

There is no student work available at this grade. A student could, for example, create a visual sequence showing the idealism and reality of war. The student would begin developing ideas by depicting the confident soldier initially immaculately uniformed, upright, flanked by an unfurled flag against blue skies. Symbolism and colour could suggest patriotic ideals. Consistency in meaning would be created by appropriately chosen lines from the text.

The visual text would become fluent and coherent through further sequencing, reflecting the soldier’s increasing disillusionment and final despair by the use of change in colour, symbolism through the dimishing stance of the soldier, condition of the flag, spilt blood and darkening background. Accompanying text from the short stories would be chosen and integrated to support the shift from idealism to realism throughout the sequence.

For a more secure Merit, the student could further integrate and develop ideas  relating to the nature of war such as the effects of patriotism, the pressure to conform, and sacrifice. The student would use the conventions of the chosen text to produce a compelling presentation suitable for publication.

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